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1 definition found
 for afraid
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  88 Moby Thesaurus words for "afraid":
     abulic, afeared, aghast, anxious, apologetic, apprehensive, averse,
     backward, cautious, chary, chicken, chickenhearted, coward,
     cowardly, cowed, craven, daunted, dismayed, edgy, faint,
     fainthearted, fear-struck, feared, fearful, feeble, feebleminded,
     frail, frightened, fritter, funking, funky, haunted with fear,
     henhearted, hesitant, indisposed, infirm, intimidated,
     invertebrate, jittery, jumpy, lily-livered, loath, milk-livered,
     milksoppish, milksoppy, mousy, nervous, on edge, overtimid,
     overtimorous, panic-prone, panic-stricken, panicky, pigeonhearted,
     pliable, pusillanimous, rabbity, regretful, reluctant, rueful,
     scared, scared to death, scary, shrinking, shy, sissified, sissy,
     skittish, soft, sorry, spineless, spooked, terrified, timid,
     timorous, uneager, unhappy, unmanly, unmanned, unwilling, wary,
     weak, weak-kneed, weak-minded, weak-willed, weakhearted,
     white-livered, yellow

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