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1 definition found
 for attack
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  483 Moby Thesaurus words for "attack":
     Jacksonian epilepsy, MO, Rolandic epilepsy, abdominal epilepsy,
     abuse, accept, access, acquired epilepsy, action,
     activated epilepsy, activation, affect, affect epilepsy, affection,
     aggression, aggressiveness, ailment, akinetic epilepsy, algorithm,
     all-out war, ambush, amok, apoplexy, appeal to arms, approach,
     armed combat, armed conflict, arrangement, arrest, articulation,
     assail, assailing, assailment, assault, assume, attack, attempt,
     autonomic epilepsy, barbarize, batter, battering, battle, begin,
     beleaguer, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, berate,
     berating, beset, besiege, bitter words, blackening, blister, blitz,
     blockade, blockage, bloodshed, blueprint, blueprinting, bout,
     brutalize, buckle down, buckle to, burn, bushwhack, butcher,
     butchery, calculation, cardiac epilepsy, carry on, castigate,
     censure, challenge, charge, charting, chauvinism, citation,
     clonic spasm, clonus, combat, combativeness, come at, come down on,
     complaint, conception, condemn, contrivance, contumely, convulsion,
     corrode, corrosion, cortical epilepsy, course, crack down on,
     cramp, criminate, criticism, criticize, cry out against,
     cry out on, cry shame upon, cursive epilepsy, declare war,
     decompose, decrial, decry, defy, delivery, denigrate, denigration,
     denounce, denunciation, deprecate, deprecation, descend on,
     descend upon, descent, design, destroy, destruction, device,
     devour, diatribe, disease, disorder, disorderliness, disparage,
     disparagement, disposition, dissolve, diurnal epilepsy, dive into,
     draw first blood, drive, eat, eclampsia, embark in, embark upon,
     encompass, endeavor, engage in, engage in battle, enter on,
     enter upon, enterprise, enunciation, envisagement, epilepsia,
     epilepsia gravior, epilepsia major, epilepsia minor,
     epilepsia mitior, epilepsia nutans, epilepsia tarda, epilepsy,
     epitasis, erode, erosion, excoriate, execration, fall, fall into,
     fall on, fall to, fall upon, falling sickness, fashion, fay, fever,
     fight, fighting, figuring, fit, focal epilepsy, foray,
     forcible seizure, foresight, forethought, form, frenzy, furor,
     fury, fustigate, game, gang up on, get busy, get cracking,
     get going, get under way, get with it, go about, go at, go for,
     go in for, go into, go on, go to it, go upon, grand mal, graphing,
     grip, ground plan, guidelines, guise, hammer, harass, hard words,
     harry, haute mal, have at, hit, hit like lightning, hop to it,
     hostilities, hot war, hysterical epilepsy, ictus, idea, implicate,
     implication, impugn, impugnment, incriminate, incrimination,
     inculpate, inculpation, incursion, infect, inroad, intention,
     invade, invasion, invective, inveigh against, invest, involve,
     involvement, irrupt, jawing, jeremiad, jingoism, jump, jump to it,
     killing, la guerre, land on, larval epilepsy, laryngeal epilepsy,
     laryngospasm, lash, latent epilepsy, launch forth, launch into,
     lay about, lay about one, lay at, lay hands on, lay into, lay on,
     lay waste, laying waste, layout, levy war on, light into, line,
     line of action, lines, lineup, lockjaw, long-range plan, loot,
     looting, make war on, malign, manner, manner of working, mapping,
     massacre, master plan, matutinal epilepsy, maul, means,
     menstrual epilepsy, method, methodology, might of arms,
     militarization, military operations, mobilization, mode,
     mode of operation, mode of procedure, modus operandi, move into,
     mug, murderous insanity, musicogenic epilepsy, muster,
     myoclonous epilepsy, nocturnal epilepsy, obstreperousness,
     occlusion, offense, offensive, onset, onslaught, open hostilities,
     open war, operations research, order, organization, orgasm,
     outbreak, paroxysm, petit mal, philippic, phonation,
     physiologic epilepsy, pillage, pillaging, pitch in, pitch into,
     plan, planning, planning function, plunge into, pounce upon, pound,
     practice, prearrangement, press, procedure, proceed to, proceeding,
     process, program, program of action, pronunciation,
     psychic epilepsy, psychokinesia, psychomotor epilepsy, pugnacity,
     push, rage, raid, ramp, rampage, rant, rape, rating,
     rationalization, rave, reflex epilepsy, resort to arms, revile,
     revilement, riot, rioting, roar, roast, rotatoria, routine, ruin,
     rush, sack, sacking, sail into, sally, savage, scarify, scathe,
     schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme,
     scheme of arrangement, scorch, screed, seize, seizure,
     sensory epilepsy, serial epilepsy, set about, set at, set forward,
     set going, set on, set to, set to work, set upon, setup,
     sexual climax, shooting war, siege, skin alive, slash, slaughter,
     sortie, sow chaos, sowing with salt, spasm, spell, square up,
     start, start in, state of war, stoppage, storm, strategic plan,
     strategy, strike, strike at, stroke, style, surprise,
     swoop down on, system, systematization, tack, tackle,
     tactical plan, tactics, take on, take the offensive, take up,
     tardy epilepsy, tear, tear around, technique, terrorize, tetanus,
     tetany, the big picture, the drill, the how, the picture,
     the sword, the way of, throes, thromboembolism, thrombosis, tirade,
     tone, tongue-lashing, tonic epilepsy, tonic spasm, torsion spasm,
     total war, traumatic epilepsy, trismus, trounce, turn, turn on,
     turn to, ucinate epilepsy, undertake, unruliness, utterance,
     vandalize, venture upon, vilification, vilify, violate, violation,
     visitation, vituperation, vocalization, voicing, wade into, war,
     warfare, warmaking, warmongering, warring, wartime, waste, wasting,
     way, wise, working plan, wreck

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