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1 definition found
 for bracket
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  182 Moby Thesaurus words for "bracket":
     accouple, accumulate, advocate, agglutinate, ally, alpenstock,
     amass, analyze, apply, arm, articulate, assemble, associate,
     athletic supporter, back, backbone, backing, band, bandeau, bearer,
     bind, blood, bond, bra, brace, bracer, branch, brassiere, bridge,
     bridge over, buttress, cane, carrier, caste, category, cement,
     cervix, chain, clan, clap together, class, classification,
     classify, collate, collect, combine, comprise, concatenate,
     conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, console, contrast,
     copulate, corbel, correlate, corset, couple, couple up, cover,
     crook, crutch, decline, division, double-harness, double-team,
     draw a parallel, embrace, encompass, equate, estate,
     foundation garment, fulcrum, gather, girdle, glue, grade, group,
     grouping, guy, guywire, head, heading, hyphenate, identify,
     include, inflect, interrelate, jock, jockstrap, join, kin, knot,
     label, lay together, league, level, link, lump together, mainstay,
     maintainer, mark, marry, marshal, mass, mast, match, mate, merge,
     mobilize, neck, order, pair, pair off, parallel, parallelize,
     parenthesize, parse, piece together, pigeonhole, point, position,
     predicament, prop, punctuate, put together, race, rank, rating,
     reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcer, relate, relativize, rest,
     resting place, rigging, roll into one, rubric, section, sept, set,
     shelf, shoulder, shroud, solder, span, spine, splice, sprit, staff,
     standing rigging, station, status, stave, stay, stick,
     stick together, stiffener, strain, stratum, strengthener,
     subdivision, subgroup, suborder, support, supporter, sustainer,
     take in, tape, team, team up, tie, title, unify, unite, upholder,
     walking stick, wed, weld, yoke

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