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1 definition found
 for breast
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  193 Moby Thesaurus words for "breast":
     Chateaubriand, affront, antagonize, bag, ballocks, balls, basket,
     battle, beard, beat against, beat up against, being, blade roast,
     bones, boob, boobs, bosom, brave, breast the wave, breasts,
     bring before, bring forward, bring up, brisket, buck, buffet,
     buffet the waves, bust, center of life, cervix, challenge, chest,
     chicken foot, chuck, chuck roast, clitoris, clod, close with, cod,
     cods, cold cuts, combat, compete with, confront, confront with,
     contend against, contest, core, crop, cullions, dare, dark meat,
     defy, drumstick, dug, encounter, envisage, esoteric reality,
     esprit, face, face with, family jewels, female organs, fight,
     fight against, filet mignon, flank, front, genitalia, genitals,
     giblets, gonads, grapple with, guts, heart, heart of hearts,
     heartstrings, inmost heart, inmost soul, inner man, inner nature,
     innermost being, inside, join battle with, knocker, knockers,
     knuckle, labia, labia majora, labia minora, labor against,
     lay before, leg, lingam, lips, loin, male organs, mama, mamelon,
     mamelonation, mamma, mammary gland, mammilla, mammillation, meat,
     meet, meet squarely, militate against, neck, nenes, nerve center,
     nipple, nuts, nymphae, offer resistance, ovary, oyster, pap,
     papilla, penis, phallus, pigeon breast, place before, plate,
     plate piece, pot roast, present to, private parts, privates,
     privy parts, pubic hair, pudenda, put it to, quick, rack, reluct,
     reluctate, reproductive organs, rib roast, ribs, rival, roast,
     rocks, rolled roast, round, rump, rump roast, saddle, scrotum,
     secondary sex characteristic, secret heart, secret places,
     set before, sex organs, shank, short ribs, shoulder, shoulder clod,
     sirloin, soul, spermary, spirit, stem, stem the tide,
     strive against, struggle against, take on, teat, tenderloin,
     testes, testicles, thigh, thorax, tit, tits, titties, titty,
     true being, true inwardness, turkey foot, udder, uterus, vagina,
     vie with, viscera, vital principle, vitals, vulva, white meat,
     wing, wishbone, womb, yoni

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