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1 definition found
 for compress
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  138 Moby Thesaurus words for "compress":
     Ace bandage, Band-Aid, abbreviate, abridge, abstract,
     adhesive tape, application, band, bandage, bandaging, bear, binder,
     bob, boil down, brace, capsulize, cast, cataplasm, circumscribe,
     clamp, clip, coarct, compact, concentrate, condense, congest,
     consolidate, constrict, constringe, contract, cotton,
     court plaster, cram, cramp, cravat, crop, crowd, crush, curtail,
     cut, cut back, cut down, cut off short, cut short, damp, dampen,
     decrease, deduct, deflate, densen, densify, depreciate, depress,
     diminish, dock, downgrade, draw, draw in, draw together, dressing,
     elastic bandage, elide, ensphere, epithem, epitomize, foreshorten,
     four-tailed bandage, gauze, jam, knit, lessen, lint, lower, mow,
     narrow, nip, pare, pinch, plaster, plaster cast, pledget, poll,
     pollard, poultice, press, prune, pucker, pucker up, purse, push,
     ram down, reap, recap, recapitulate, reduce, retrench, roll back,
     roller, roller bandage, rubber bandage, scale down, shave, shear,
     shorten, shrink, simplify, sling, snub, solidify, splint, sponge,
     squab, squash, squeeze, squish, step down, strangle, strangulate,
     stunt, stupe, sum up, summarize, synopsize, take from, take in,
     tampon, tape, telescope, tent, tighten, tourniquet,
     triangular bandage, trim, truncate, tune down, tweak, wad up,

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