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1 definition found
 for fake
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  308 Moby Thesaurus words for "fake":
     act, act a part, act like, actor, ad-lib, adulterate, affect,
     affected, affecter, agent, alike, alter, alternate, alternative,
     analogy, aped, apocryphal, artificial, assume, assumed, backup,
     bastard, blagueur, bluff, bluffer, bogus, borrow, brummagem,
     certified copy, change, changeling, charlatan, cheat, chorus,
     clinquant, colorable, colored, comparison, concoct, concocted,
     consimilar, cook, cook up, copied, copy, counterfeit,
     counterfeited, cover up, crib, dash off, deceiver, deception,
     deputy, dissemble, dissimulate, distorted, ditto, do, do a bit,
     do like, do offhand, doctor, double, dramatize, dressed up, dummy,
     echo, ectype, embellished, embroidered, equal, equivalent, ersatz,
     exchange, extemporize, fabricate, fabricated, factitious,
     fair copy, faithful copy, faked, fakement, faker, false, falsified,
     falsify, fantasize, favoring, feign, feigned, fictitious, fictive,
     fill-in, flam, following, forge, forged, forgery, four-flush,
     fourflusher, frame-up, framed, fraud, fraudulent, fudge, gammon,
     garbled, ghost, ghostwriter, go like, gyp, hatch, histrionize,
     hoax, hoaxer, hoke, hoke up, hokey, hollow man, homogeneous,
     humbug, hypocritical, icon, identical, illegitimate, image,
     imitate, imitated, imitation, impersonator, impostor, improvisate,
     improvise, invent, invented, juggle, junk, junky, jury-rig,
     knock off, lash up, let on, let on like, like, likeness, load,
     locum tenens, make a pretense, make as if, make believe, make like,
     make out like, make up, make-believe, makeshift, malingerer,
     man of straw, man-made, manipulate, mannerist, manufacture,
     metaphor, metonymy, mimicked, mirror, mock, modify, mountebank,
     nearly reproduced, next best thing, not unlike, overact, pack,
     paper tiger, paste, pasticcio, pastiche, performer, personnel,
     perverted, phony, picture, pinch, pinch hitter, pinchbeck,
     plagiarize, plagiarized, plant, play, play a part, play a scene,
     play by ear, play possum, playact, playactor, portrait, poser,
     poseur, pretend, pretended, pretender, profess, provisional, proxy,
     pseudo, put on, put on airs, put-on, put-up job, quack,
     quacksalver, quackster, quasi, queer, reecho, reflect, relief,
     repeat, replacement, representation, representative, resemblance,
     resembling, reserve, reserves, retouch, rig, ringer, rip-off, salt,
     saltimbanco, scrap the plan, second string, secondary, self-styled,
     sell, semblance, sham, shammer, shoddy, sign, similar, similitude,
     simulacrum, simulate, simulated, smacking of, snide, so-called,
     soi-disant, something like, sophisticate, spares, spoof, spurious,
     stack, stand-in, stopgap, straw man, strike off, sub, substituent,
     substitute, substitution, succedaneum, suggestive of, superseder,
     supplanter, supposititious, surrogate, swindle, symbol, synecdoche,
     synthetic, tamper with, temporary, tentative, third string,
     throw off, throw together, tin, tinsel, titivated, token, toss off,
     toss out, trump up, tug the heartstrings, twisted, unauthentic,
     understudy, ungenuine, uniform with, unnatural, unreal, utility,
     utility player, vamp, vicar, vicarious, vice-president,
     vice-regent, warped, wear, whip up, whited sepulcher, whomp up,
     wing it

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