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1 definition found
 for junction
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  310 Moby Thesaurus words for "junction":
     Anschluss, L, abutment, abuttal, access, accession, accompaniment,
     accord, accordance, accretion, addition, adherence, adhesion,
     adjacency, adjoiningness, adjunct, adjunction, affairs,
     affiliation, affinity, affixation, agglomeration, agglutination,
     aggregation, agreement, aisle, alley, alliance, amalgamation,
     ambulatory, annexation, aperture, apposition, approximation,
     appulse, arcade, artery, articulation, assemblage, assembly,
     assimilation, association, attachment, augmentation, avenue, blend,
     blending, bond, bracketing, branch, building, buildup, cabal,
     cable railway, cahoots, call-up, canvass, cartel, census,
     centralization, channel, cling, clinging, cloister, closeness,
     clotting, clustering, co-working, coaction, coagulation,
     coalescence, coalition, cog railway, coherence, cohesion,
     cohesiveness, coincidence, collaboration, collection, collectivity,
     colligation, collocation, collusion, colonnade, combination,
     combine, combined effort, combo, communication, compaction,
     comparison, composition, compound, concatenation, concert,
     concerted action, concomitance, concordance, concourse, concretion,
     concurrence, condensation, conduit, confederacy, confederation,
     confluence, conflux, congealment, congelation, congeries,
     conglobation, conglomeration, congregation, conjoining,
     conjugation, conjunction, connectedness, connection, consilience,
     consolidation, conspiracy, constitution, construction,
     conterminousness, contiguity, contrariety, convergence,
     cooperation, copulation, corralling, correspondence, corridor,
     coterminousness, coupling, covered way, crossroads, data-gathering,
     dealings, deduction, defile, disjunction, ecumenism, el,
     electric railway, elevated, elevated railway, embankment,
     embodiment, encompassment, enosis, exit, fabrication, fashioning,
     federalization, federation, feeder, feeder line, ferry, filiation,
     ford, formation, fusion, gallery, gathering, getup,
     gravity-operated railway, homology, hookup, horse railway,
     inclusion, incorporation, increase, ingathering, inlet,
     inseparability, integration, interchange, intercommunication,
     intercourse, interlinking, intersection, intimacy, inventory,
     joinder, joining, jointure, junction, juncture, junta,
     juxtaposition, knotting, lane, league, liaison, light railroad,
     line, link, linkage, linking, main line, make, makeup, marriage,
     meeting, meld, melding, merger, merging, metro, mixture,
     mobilization, monorail, muster, mutual attraction, nearness,
     opening, organization, outlet, overpass, package, package deal,
     pairing, parasitism, pass, passage, passageway, perigee,
     perihelion, piecing together, portico, prefixation, propinquity,
     proximity, putting together, rack railway, rack-and-pinion railway,
     rail, rail line, railroad, railroad tunnel, railway, rapport,
     reinforcement, relatedness, relation, relations, relationship,
     roadbed, roadway, rodeo, roundup, saprophytism, seam, set, setup,
     shaping, sidetrack, siding, similarity, simultaneity,
     solidification, splice, sticking, street railway, streetcar line,
     structure, structuring, subway, suffixation, superaddition,
     superfetation, superjunction, superposition, supplementation,
     survey, switchback, symbiosis, sympathy, synchronism, syncretism,
     syndication, syneresis, synergy, synthesis, syzygy, terminal,
     terminus, tie, tie-in, tie-up, track, traject, trajet, tram,
     tramline, trestle, trolley line, trunk, trunk line, tube, tunnel,
     turnout, underground, underpass, unification, union, united action,
     uniting, wedding, yoking

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