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1 definition found
 for leg
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  124 Moby Thesaurus words for "leg":
     ambulate, ankle, appendage, arm, assist, bayonet legs, boost,
     bough, bowlegs, branch, break, breast, broken circuit, calf,
     chicken foot, circuit, circuital field, circumambulate,
     closed circuit, cnemis, complete circuit, course, crossing, cruise,
     dark meat, dead circuit, drumstick, foot, foot it, foreleg,
     galvanic circuit, gamb, gambrel, giblets, gigot, ham, hand,
     helping hand, hind leg, hock, hoof it, hot circuit, imp, jamb,
     jaywalk, jog on, joint, knee, lateral circuit, leg it, leg up,
     lift, limb, link, live circuit, lobe, lobule, loop,
     magnetic circuit, member, microcircuit, multiple circuit,
     multiple series, neck, ocean trip, offshoot, organ, oyster, pace,
     pad, pale, palisade, passage, path, pedestrianize, peg,
     perambulate, peripateticate, picket, pile, pinion, podite,
     popliteal space, printed circuit, ramification, run, runner, sail,
     scion, scissor-legs, sea trip, series multiple, shakedown cruise,
     shank, shin, short, short circuit, shuffle along, spile, spray,
     sprig, spur, stake, stems, step, stride, stump it, stumps, switch,
     tail, tarsus, tendril, thigh, traipse, tread, trotters,
     turkey foot, twig, vector field, voyage, walk, white meat, wing,

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