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1 definition found
 for molecule
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  138 Moby Thesaurus words for "molecule":
     Kekule formula, ace, acid, acidity, agent, air, alkali, alkalinity,
     alloisomer, anion, antacid, atom, atomic cluster, atomic particles,
     base, benzene ring, biochemical, bit, branched chain, brute matter,
     building block, cation, chain, chemical, chemical element,
     chromoisomer, closed chain, component, compound, compound radical,
     constituent, copolymer, cycle, dab, dimer, dole, dot, dram,
     dribble, driblet, dwarf, earth, electron, element,
     elementary particle, elementary unit, farthing, fire, fleck,
     flyspeck, fragment, fundamental particle, gobbet, grain, granule,
     groat, hair, handful, heavy chemicals, heterocycle, high polymer,
     homocycle, homopolymer, hydracid, hyle, hypostasis,
     inorganic chemical, ion, iota, isomer, jot, lattice, little,
     little bit, lota, macromolecule, material, material world,
     materiality, matter, meson, metamer, minim, minimum, minutiae,
     mite, modicum, monad, monomer, mote, natural world, nature,
     neutralizer, nonacid, nuclear particle, nutshell, organic chemical,
     ounce, oxyacid, particle, pebble, physical world, pinch, pittance,
     plenum, point, polymer, proton, pseudoisomer, quark, radical, ray,
     reagent, ring, scruple, side chain, simple radical, smidgen,
     smitch, space-lattice, speck, spoonful, spot, straight chain,
     stuff, substance, substratum, sulfacid, the four elements,
     thimbleful, tiny bit, tittle, trifling amount, trimer, trivia,
     unit of being, water, whit

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