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 for moment
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  203 Moby Thesaurus words for "moment":
     a breath, abundant year, academic year, accent, advantage, annum,
     ascendancy, authority, avail, bissextile year, bit, breath,
     breathing, calendar month, calendar year, century, charisma, charm,
     clout, common year, compulsion, concern, concernment, consequence,
     consequentiality, consideration, control, coup, crack, credit, day,
     decade, decennary, decennium, defective year, dominance,
     domination, drive, driving force, effect, eminence, emphasis,
     enchantment, esteem, excellence, fateful moment, favor,
     fiscal year, flash, force, fortnight, good feeling, gravity,
     greatness, half a jiffy, half a mo, half a second, half a shake,
     high order, high rank, hold, hour, impellent, impelling force,
     impetus, import, importance, impulse, impulsion, incentive,
     incidental power, incitement, influence, influentiality,
     influentialness, insinuation, instant, interest, interval,
     irresistible force, jiff, jiffy, juncture, kairos, leadership,
     leap year, leverage, little, little bit, little while, lunar month,
     lunar year, lunation, luster, lustrum, magnetism, magnitude,
     man-hour, mark, mastery, materiality, merit, microsecond,
     millennium, millisecond, minute, moment of truth, momentousness,
     momentum, month, moon, motive power, no time, note, pair of winks,
     paramountcy, period, personality, persuasion, pith, point, potency,
     power, precedence, predominance, preeminence, pregnant moment,
     preponderance, pressure, prestige, primacy, priority, profit,
     prominence, propulsion, psychological moment, purchase, quarter,
     quinquennium, rank, regular year, reign, repute, rule, say, season,
     sec, second, self-importance, semester, seniority, seriousness,
     session, shake, short spell, short time, sidereal year,
     significance, signification, small space, solar year, space, span,
     spell, split second, spurt, stage, stature, stress, stretch,
     stroke, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, sun, superiority,
     supremacy, sway, term, thrust, tick, time, time lag, trice,
     trimester, twelvemonth, twink, twinkle, twinkling, twitch,
     two shakes, upper hand, use, value, week, weekday, weight,
     weightiness, while, whip hand, wink, worth, year

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