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1 definition found
 for settlement
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  271 Moby Thesaurus words for "settlement":
     abalienation, abatement of differences, absolute indication,
     absolute interest, accommodation, acquitment, acquittal,
     acquittance, adjustment, affirmation, agreement, alienation, ally,
     amortization, amortizement, anchorage, appanage, arbitration,
     archduchy, archdukedom, arrangement, ashram, assignation,
     assignment, bargain, bargain and sale, barter, benefit, bequeathal,
     binder, body, body politic, buffer state, burden of proof, camp,
     captive nation, cash, cash payment, caste, cession, chieftaincy,
     chieftainry, choice, city-state, claim, clan, class, clearance,
     clearing, closing, colonization, colony, common, commonweal,
     commonwealth, commune, community, composition,
     composition of differences, compromise, concession, conclusion,
     conclusive evidence, conferment, conferral, confirmation,
     consignation, consignment, contingent interest, conveyance,
     conveyancing, cop-out, country, county, damning evidence, deal,
     debt service, deciding, decision, deeding, defrayal, defrayment,
     deliverance, delivery, demise, demonstration, deposit,
     desertion of principle, determination, disbursal, discharge,
     disposal, disposition, doling out, domain, dominion, dot, dower,
     down payment, dowry, duchy, dukedom, earldom, earnest,
     earnest money, easement, economic class, elimination, empeoplement,
     empery, empire, encampment, endogamous group, endowment,
     enfeoffment, equitable interest, equity, establishment, estate,
     evasion of responsibility, exchange, extended family, family,
     fixation, foundation, free city, gens, give-and-take, giving,
     giving way, grand duchy, hamlet, hire purchase, hire purchase plan,
     holding, inauguration, incontrovertible evidence,
     indisputable evidence, inhabitancy, inhabitation, inhabiting,
     initiation, installation, installment, installment plan, interest,
     interest payment, investiture, investment, ironclad proof,
     jointure, kingdom, kinship group, land, lease and release,
     legal jointure, limitation, liquidation, lodgment, mandant,
     mandate, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, marriage portion,
     moiety, monthly payments, mooring, mutual concession, nation,
     nationality, never-never, nuclear family, occupancy, occupation,
     onus, onus probandi, order, outpost, part, paying, paying off,
     paying out, paying up, payment, payment in kind, payoff,
     peoplement, peopling, percentage, phratria, phratry, phyle,
     plantation, polis, polity, population, portion, possession, post,
     power, prepayment, principality, principate, proof, protectorate,
     province, puppet government, puppet regime, quarterly payments,
     quietus, quittance, rapprochement, realm, reconciliation,
     regular payments, remittance, republic, residence, resolution,
     retirement, right, right of entry, sale, satellite, satisfaction,
     sealing, selection, seneschalty, setting, settling, showdown,
     signature, signing, sinking-fund payment, social class, society,
     solemnization, sovereign nation, spot cash, stabilization, stake,
     state, strict settlement, subcaste, sultanate, superpower,
     sure sign, surrender, terms, territory, thirds, title, toparchia,
     toparchy, totem, trading, transfer, transference, transmission,
     transmittal, trust, understanding, unmistakable sign, use,
     vested interest, vesting, village, weekly payments, working-out,

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