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1 definition found
 for take
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  739 Moby Thesaurus words for "take":
     OD, abduct, abide, absorb, abstract, accede, accede to, accept,
     accommodate, accompany, account as, accroach, acknowledge, acquire,
     act, admit, adopt, advocate, affect, agree to, allow for, allure,
     and, annex, annihilate, apply, appreciate, apprehend, appropriate,
     arrogate, ask, assault sexually, assent, assimilate, assume,
     astonish, astound, attract, avails, bag, bamboozle, be afraid,
     be agreeable, be blooded, be brought down, be felled, be seized of,
     be struck down, be successful, be traumatized, be with one, bear,
     bear with, beard, beat, beat it, become airborne, behave, believe,
     belittle, bewitch, bilk, blackmail, blast off, blaze, blaze up,
     blink at, board, bolt, boodle, book, boom shot, boost, booty,
     borrow, box office, brave, break bread, break out, bring, bring up,
     brook, burlesque, burn, burst into flame, buy, call for,
     capital gains, captivate, capture, caricature, carry, carry away,
     carry off, carry on, cart, catch, catch cold, catch fire, catch on,
     catch on fire, catch up, challenge, charm, chase, cheat, choose,
     chouse, chronicle, claim, clap hands on, clasp, claw, cleanup,
     clear, clear profit, clench, click, clinch, close-up, clutch,
     collapse, collar, combust, come by, come down with, come in for,
     come into, come off, commandeer, commissions, compass, comply,
     comprehend, comprise, con, conceive, conclude, condone, conduct,
     confiscate, connect, connive at, consent, consider, construe,
     consume, contain, contend against, continue, contract, convey,
     convoy, cop, copy, corral, count calories, court, cover, cozen,
     crave, credit, credits, crib, crook, cull, daresay, deal with,
     debase, decamp, deceive, deduce, deduct, deem, define, deflate,
     deflorate, deflower, defraud, degrade, deliver, demand, depart,
     deprecate, depreciate, derive, derive from, describe, deuce shot,
     devirginate, devour, diagnose, diddle, diet, dig, digest, diminish,
     disavow, discard, discount, disgrace, disparage, disposable income,
     disregard, dividend, dividends, divine, do, do the trick, document,
     doff, down, drag down, drain off, draw, draw back, draw from,
     draw off, dream, drink, dupe, earn, earned income, earnings, eat,
     effect, elect, embezzle, embrace, employ, enchant, encompass, end,
     endure, engage, enlist, enmesh, ensnare, entail, entangle,
     enter into possession, entertain, entrap, erupt, escort, espouse,
     establish, esteem, estimate, exact, expect, experience, express,
     expropriate, extort, extract, face, face the music, fall to, fancy,
     fare, farewell, fascinate, fathom, favor, feed, feed on, feel,
     ferry, fever, fiddle, fight, filch, fill up, filthy lucre, fit in,
     flame, flimflam, fly, fly off, follow, follow-focus shot, fool,
     foul, freight, full shot, function, gain, gains, gate,
     gate receipts, gather, get, get hold of, get the drift,
     get the idea, get the picture, gettings, gleanings, glom on to, go,
     go along with, go away, go great guns, go into shock, go off,
     go on with, go over, go over big, go through, go to town,
     gobble up, grab, grab hold of, graduate, graft, grant, grapple,
     grasp, grip, gripe, gross, gross income, gross profit,
     gross receipts, group shot, guess, guide, gull, gulp down, gyp,
     hack, handle, harpoon, harrow, harvest, haul, have, have a hunch,
     have an idea, have an impression, have an inkling, have coming in,
     have it taped, have recourse to, have the idea, hire, hit the road,
     hoard, hold, hold as, hoodwink, hook, hot goods, hug, humble,
     humiliate, hunger, ignore, imagine, imbibe, imitate, implicate,
     imply, impose upon, include, income, infer, infringe, ingest,
     inhale, inherit, intake, interest, interpret, involve, judge, ken,
     kill, killing, kinescope, knock off, knock under, know,
     knuckle down, knuckle under, lampoon, land, lasso, lay hands on,
     lay hold of, lead, lead to, learn, lease, leave, leave unavenged,
     let, let be, let in, let it go, liberate, lift, lift off, like,
     live with it, lodge, long shot, look like, look upon as, loot,
     lower, lucre, lug, lure, magnetize, maintain, make, make a hit,
     make allowances for, make for, make off with, make use of, makings,
     manhandle, mark, master, matte shot, meal, medium shot,
     meet with success, mesh, mimic, misappropriate, mock,
     motion picture, mulct, nab, nail, neat profit, necessitate, need,
     net, net income, net profit, net receipts, nick, nip, nip up,
     noose, not resist, note, obey, obtain, occupy, operate, opine,
     oppose, opt for, output, overcharge, overdose, overhaul, overlook,
     overtake, pack, palm, pan shot, panoramic shot, paper profits,
     parody, partake, partake of, pass, pass over, peculate, peel off,
     pelf, perceive, percentage, perform, perk, perks, perquisite, pick,
     pick up, pickings, pilfer, pillage, pinch, pirate, pitch in,
     plagiarize, play, plunder, poach, pocket, pocket the affront,
     pork barrel, possess, possess sexually, preempt, prefer, prefigure,
     prehend, presume, presuppose, presurmise, prevail, prize, proceeds,
     process shot, procure, produce, profit, profits, prosper,
     provisionally accept, public till, public trough, pull down,
     purchase, purloin, pursue, put down, put forth, put in writing,
     put into effect, put up with, quaff, qualify, quarter, raise,
     rake-off, rap shot, rape, ravish, reach, react, read, read into,
     realize, reap, recant, receipt, receipts, receivables, receive,
     reckon, record, regard, regard with indulgence, relent, relish,
     remind one of, remove, rent, repudiate, repute, require, resemble,
     reserve, resign, resort to, resume, retain, retake, retract,
     return, returns, revenue, rip off, rival, rob, rope, royalties,
     run a temperature, run after, run away with, run for, rustle, sack,
     satirize, savor, savvy, say, score, scram, scrounge, secure, see,
     seize, seize the meaning, seizure, select, send up, sense,
     sequester, serve, set down, set down as, shame, shock, shoplift,
     shot, sicken, simulate, single out, skedaddle, snag, snap up,
     snare, snatch, sniggle, snitch, spear, split, spoil, spoils,
     spoils of office, sponsor, spoof, squeeze, stand, startle, steal,
     stealings, stick, stolen goods, stomach, store, strike, strip off,
     study, submit, submit to, subsume, subtract, succeed, succumb,
     suffer, support, suppose, surmise, surprise, survive, suspect,
     swag, swallow, swallow an insult, swallow it, swallow the pill,
     swindle, swipe, tackle, take aback, take after, take away,
     take back, take by assault, take by storm, take down, take effect,
     take for, take for granted, take from, take hold, take hold of,
     take ill, take in, take it, take it that, take off, take on,
     take out, take over, take possession, take possession of, take to,
     take to be, take to mean, take up, take-in, takings, tangle,
     tangle up with, taste, terminate, thieve, think, till, tolerate,
     torment, tote, transcribe, transport, trap, travel shot, travesty,
     treat, trick, trow, trucking shot, turn aside provocation, turn to,
     undergo, understand, understand by, undertake, unearned income,
     use, use up, vie with, view as, violate, voice, waft,
     walk off with, wealth, weather, ween, whip up, whisk, wile, win,
     wing, wink at, winnings, wipe out, withdraw, withstand, wolf, woo,
     work, work well, work wonders, write down, yield, zoom shot

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