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 for tree
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  160 Moby Thesaurus words for "tree":
     Stammbaum, acacia, ailanthus, alder, alligator pear, allspice,
     almond, apple, apricot, ash, aspen, avocado, ax, balsa, balsam,
     banyan, bare pole, basswood, bay, bayberry, beech, betel palm,
     birch, block, bottle up, buckeye, butternut, buttonwood, cacao,
     candleberry, cashew, cassia, catalpa, cherry, chestnut, chinquapin,
     cinnamon, citron, clove, coconut, collar, conifer, cork oak,
     corner, cross, cypress, death chair, death chamber, dogwood, drop,
     ebony, elder, electric chair, elm, eucalyptus, evergreen,
     family tree, fig, fir, frankincense, fruit tree, gallows,
     gallows-tree, gas chamber, genealogical tree, genealogy, gibbet,
     grapefruit, guava, guillotine, gum, halter, hardwood tree,
     hawthorn, hazel, hemlock, hemp, hempen collar, henna, hickory,
     holly, hop tree, horse chestnut, hot seat, ironwood, juniper,
     kumquat, laburnum, lancewood, larch, laurel, lemon, lethal chamber,
     lime, linden, litchi, litchi nut, locust, logwood, magnolia,
     mahogany, maiden, mango, mangrove, maple, mast, medlar,
     mountain ash, mulberry, noose, nutmeg, oak, olive, orange, palm,
     papaw, papaya, peach, pear, pecan, pedigree, persimmon, pine,
     pistachio, plane, plum, pole, pollard, pomegranate, poplar, quince,
     raffia palm, rain tree, redwood, rope, sandalwood, sapling,
     sassafras, scaffold, seedling, senna, sequoia, shade tree,
     softwood tree, spar, spruce, stake, stemma, stick, sycamore,
     tangerine, teak, the chair, timber, timber tree, tulip tree,
     walnut, willow, witch hazel, yew

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