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No definitions found for "bev", perhaps you mean:
gcide:  Be  Bevy  Dev  Bed  Bee  Beg  Bel  ben  Bet  Bey
wn:  ev  be  ebv  bevy  lev  rev  bed  bee  beg  bel  ben  bet
moby-thesaurus:  be  bevy  bed  bee  beg  bet  bey
vera:  ev  bv  ebv  beev  bevu  uev  bcv  bpv  beb  bec  bed
  bef  ben  ber  bes  bew
foldoc:  bv  be
easton:  Bed  Bee  Beg  Bel
hitchcock:  Ben
bouvier:  BE
devil:  beg
gaz2k-counties:  Bee
gaz2k-places:  Bee  Bel

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