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No definitions found for "gey", perhaps you mean:
gcide:  Ey  Ge  Gye  Gley  grey  Gery  Bey  Dey  Fey  Hey  Key
  Ley  Sey  Wey  Gay  Gry  guy  Geb  Ged  Gee  Gem  -gen  Get
wn:  gy  ge  grey  bey  fey  key  ley  ney  gay  goy  guy  geb
  gee  gel  gem  gen  get
moby-thesaurus:  Ge  grey  bey  fey  key  gay  guy  gee  gel
  gem  get
vera:  ge  gef  gei  gem
jargon:  gen
foldoc:  gy  ge
easton:  Key
bouvier:  EY  KEY  LEY
gaz2k-counties:  Gem
gaz2k-places:  Ney  Gay  Guy  Gem

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