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No definitions found for "zs", perhaps you mean:
gcide:  S  Z  as  Es  Is-  MS  O's  Us  Y's  Za
wn:  s  z  as  bs  cs  ds  es  hs  ks  ms  os  ps  ss  us  zb
  zn  zr  zu
moby-thesaurus:  as  MS  PS
vera:  zds  zfs  zis  zos  zsi  zsk  zsl  lzs  as  bs  cs  ds
  es  fs  gs  hs  is  ls  ms  ns  os  ps  rs  ss  ts  us  vs  ws  zc
  ze  zv
jargon:  os
foldoc:  sz  s  z
bouvier:  AS

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