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 for BibTeX
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

      A Tex extension package for bibliographic
     citations, distributed with LaTeX.  BibTeX uses a
     style-independent bibliography database (.bib file) to produce
     a list of sources, in a customisable style, from citations in
     a Latex document.  It also supports some other formats.
     BibTeX is a separate program from LaTeX.  LaTeX writes
     information about citations and which .bib files to use in a
     ".aux" file.  BibTeX reads this file and outputs a ".bbl" file
     containing LaTeX commands to produce the source list.  You
     must then run LaTeX again to incorporate the source list in
     your document.  In typeset documents, "BibTeX" is written in
     upper case, with the "IB" slightly smaller and with the "E" as
     a subscript.  BibTeX is described in the LaTeX book by

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