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 for Message Transfer Agent
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  Message Transfer Agent
  Mail Transfer Agent
  Mail Transport Agent
  Message Transport Agent
      (MTA, Mail Transfer Agent) Any program responsible
     for delivering e-mail messages.  Upon receiving a message
     from a Mail User Agent or another MTA, often by SMTP over
     the Internet, it stores it temporarily locally and analyses
     the recipients and delivers it to any local addressees and/or
     forwards it to other remote MTAs ({routing) for delivery to
     remote recipients.  In either case it may edit and/or add to
     the message headers.
     The most widely used MTA for Unix is sendmail, which
     communicates using SMTP.
     [Other OSes?]
     RFC 2821 (SMTP) expands MTA as "Mail Transfer Agent" though
     this is less common.  Alternatives with "Transport" are also
     seen but less correct.

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