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 for Solaris
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

      Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s version of the
     Unix operating system.  As well as the core operating
     system, Solaris inludes networking software, the Java Virtual
     Machine, the CDE/Desktop that includes an X11-based
     windowing environment and graphical user interface.
     Sun claim that Solaris is not just an operating system but an
     "operating environment".
     Solaris 1.x was a retroactive (marketing?) name for SunOS
     4.1.x (where x>=1).
     Solaris 2.x (which is the first version most people call
     "Solaris") includes SunOS5.x, which is an SVR4-derived Unix,
     OpenWindows 3.x, and tooltalk.
     Version 2.7 ("Solaris 7") was around in 1999-03-02.  Version
     2.8 was released in June 2000.  Latest version: 9, as of

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