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 for System/360
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  IBM 360
      The generic name for the CPUs and architecture
     released by IBM on 1964-04-07.  The 360 was marketed as a
     general purpose computer with 'all round' functionality -
     hence 360 (degrees).
     Models ranged from the 360/20 to the 360/65 and later the
     360/95, with typical memory configurations from 16K to 1024K.
     Elements of the architecture, such as the basic instruction
     set are still in use on IBM mainframes today.  Operating
     System/360 ({OS/360) was developed for System/360.  Other
     associated operating systems included DOS, OS/MFT and
     The 360 architecture was based on an 8-bit byte, 16 general
     purpose registers, 24-bit addressing, and a PSW (Program
     Status Word) including a location counter.
     Gene Amdahl, then an IBM employee, is generally acknowledged
     as the 360's chief architect.  He later went on to found
     Amdahl Corporaton, a manufacture of PCM mainframe
     The 360's predecessors were the smaller IBM 1401 and the large
     IBM 7090 series.  If was followed by the System/370.
     See also ABEND, ALC, BAL, Big Red Switch, HCF, mode
     bit, PL360, PL/S.

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