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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  Tim Berners-Lee
  Berners-Lee, Tim
      The man who invented the web while
     working at the Center for European Particle Research (CERN).
     Now Director of the web Consortium.
     Tim Berners-Lee graduated from the Queen's College at Oxford
     University, England, 1976.  Whilst there he built his first
     computer with a soldering iron, TTL gates, an M6800
     processor and an old television.
     He then went on to work for Plessey Telecommunications, and
     D.G. Nash Ltd (where he wrote software for intelligent
     printers and a multi-tasking operating system), before
     joining CERN, where he designed a program called 'Enquire',
     which was never published, but formed the conceptual basis for
     today's web.
     In 1984, he took up a fellowship at CERN, and in 1989, he
     web+server,+"{httpd">wrote the first web server, "{httpd", and the
     first client, "WorldWideWeb" a hypertext browser/editor
     which ran under NEXTSTEP.  The program "WorldWideWeb" was
     first made available within CERN in December, and on the
     Internet as a whole in the summer of 1991.
     In 1994, Tim joined the Laboratory for Computer Science
     (LCS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
     In 1999, he became the first holder of the 3Com Founders
     chair.  He is also the author of "Weaving the Web", on the
     past present and future of the Web.
     In 2001, Tim was made a fellow of The Royal Society.
     Tim is married to Nancy Carlson. They have two children, born
     1991 and 1994.

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