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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  Turing test
      A criterion proposed by Alan
     Turing in 1950 for deciding whether a computer is
     intelligent.  Turing called it "the Imitation Game" and
     offered it as a replacement for the question, "Can machines
     A human holds a written conversation on any topic with an
     unseen correspondent (nowadays it might be by electronic
     mail or chat).  If the human believes he is talking to
     another human when he is really talking to a computer then the
     computer has passed the Turing test and is deemed to be
     Turing predicted that within 50 years (by the year 2000)
     technological progress would produce computing machines with a
     capacity of 10**9 bits, and that with such machinery, a
     computer program would be able to fool the average questioner
     for 5 minutes about 70% of the time.
     The Loebner Prize is a competition to find a computer
     program which can pass an unrestricted Turing test.
     http://fuzine.mt.cs.cmu.edu/mlm/julia.html)">Julia (http://fuzine.mt.cs.cmu.edu/mlm/julia.html) is a
     program that attempts to pass the Turing test.
     See also AI-complete.
     Turing's paper

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