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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

     1. Value-oriented Algorithmic Language.  J.B. Dennis, MIT
     1979.  Single assignment language, designed for MIT dataflow
     machine.  Based on CLU, has iteration and error handling,
     lacking in recursion and I/O.  "A Value- Oriented Algorithmic
     Language", W.B. Ackermann et al, MIT LCS TR-218, June 1979.
     "The VAL Language: Description and Analysis", J.R. McGraw,
     TOPLAS 4(1):44-82 (Jan 1982).
     2.  Variable Assembly Language.
     Unimation.  Language for industrial robots.  Version: VAL II -
     "VAL II: A New Robot Control System for Automatic
     Manufacturing", B.E. Shimano et al, Proc IEEE Intl Conf on
     Robotics 1984, pp.278-292.
     3. VHDL Annotation Language.  Stanford.
     Source in Ada available from Larry M. Augustin

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