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No definitions found for "Yel", perhaps you mean:
gcide:  el  -yl  Ye  Yle  Yeel  Ymel  Yvel  Yell  yelk  Yelp
  Bel  Del  Eel  Yea  Yen  Yer  Yes  Yet  Yew  Yex
wn:  el  yell  yelp  bel  eel  gel  hel  pel  yea  yen  yes
  yet  yew
moby-thesaurus:  el  yell  yelp  gel  yea  yen  yes  yet
vera:  el  ael  hel  lel  mel  pel  sel
foldoc:  ye
easton:  Bel
hitchcock:  Uel
gaz2k-counties:  Yell
gaz2k-places:  Yelm  Bel

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