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 for Zip Drive
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  Zip Drive
      A disk drive from Iomega Corporation
     which takes removable hard disks storig 100 to 750
     megabytes.  Both internal and external drives are
     manufactured, making the drive suitable for backup, mass
     storage or for moving files between computers.  Software is
     included to help with file organisation.  The internal SCSI
     model offers up to 60 MB / minute transfer rate.
     The Zip drive was awarded Byte's Readers' Hardware Choice
     http://byte.com/art/9607/sec11/art1.htm)">Award 1996 (http://byte.com/art/9607/sec11/art1.htm).  It was
     superceded by the Jaz drive which takes one gigbyte disks.

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