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 for address space
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  address space
      The range of addresses which
     a processor or process can access, or at which a device can
     be accessed.  The term may refer to either physical address
     or virtual address.
     The size of a processor's address space depends on the width
     of the processor's address bus and address registers.
     Each device, such as a memory integrated circuit, will have
     its own local address space which starts at zero.  This will
     be mapped to a range of addresses which starts at some base
     address in the processor's address space.
     Similarly, each process will have its own address space,
     which may be all or a part of the processor's address space.
     In a multitasking system this may depend on where in memory
     the process happens to have been loaded.  For a process to be
     able to run at any address it must consist of
     position-independent code.  Alternatively, each process may
     see the same local address space, with the memory management
     unit mapping this to the process's own part of the
     processor's address space.

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