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No definitions found for "hee-", perhaps you mean:
gcide:  -ee  he  Hebe  Hele  Here  Hete  Hewe  Heed  Heel  Heep
  Heer  Ghee  Thee  Bee  dee  Fee  Gee  jee  Kee  Lee  Nee  pee  Ree
  See  Tee  Wee  zee  Hie  Hoe  Hue  Hye  Hem  Hen  hep  Her  Het
  Hew  Hex-  Hey
wn:  heed  heel
moby-thesaurus:  he  here  heed  heel  bee  fee  gee  lee  see
  hie  hoe  hue  hem  hen  hep  her  hew  hex
vera:  ee  he  cee  dee  eee  iee  jee  see  hea  hec  hel  hes
easton:  Bee  Hem  Hen
hitchcock:  Hen
bouvier:  WHEE  FEE
gaz2k-counties:  Bee  Lee
gaz2k-places:  Bee  Lee

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