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 for packet switching
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (18 March 2015) :

  packet switching
  packet switch
      A communications paradigm in which packets
     (messages or fragments of messages) are individually routed
     between nodes, with no previously established communication
     path.  Packets are routed to their destination through the
     most expedient route (as determined by some routing
     algorithm).  Not all packets travelling between the same two
     hosts, even those from a single message, will necessarily
     follow the same route.
     The destination computer reassembles the packets into their
     appropriate sequence.  Packet switching is used to optimise
     the use of the bandwidth available in a network and to
     minimise the latency.  X.25 is an international standard
     packet switching network.
     Also called connectionless.  Opposite of circuit switched
     or connection-oriented.  See also virtual circuit,
     wormhole routing.

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