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 for Eden
From Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary :

     delight. (1.) The garden in which our first parents dewlt (Gen.
     2:8-17). No geographical question has been so much discussed as
     that bearing on its site. It has been placed in Armenia, in the
     region west of the Caspian Sea, in Media, near Damascus, in
     Palestine, in Southern Arabia, and in Babylonia. The site must
     undoubtedly be sought for somewhere along the course of the
     great streams the Tigris and the Euphrates of Western Asia, in
     "the land of Shinar" or Babylonia. The region from about lat. 33
     degrees 30' to lat. 31 degrees, which is a very rich and fertile
     tract, has been by the most competent authorities agreed on as
     the probable site of Eden. "It is a region where streams abound,
     where they divide and re-unite, where alone in the Mesopotamian
     tract can be found the phenomenon of a single river parting into
     four arms, each of which is or has been a river of consequence."
       Among almost all nations there are traditions of the primitive
     innocence of our race in the garden of Eden. This was the
     "golden age" to which the Greeks looked back. Men then lived a
     "life free from care, and without labour and sorrow. Old age was
     unknown; the body never lost its vigour; existence was a
     perpetual feast without a taint of evil. The earth brought forth
     spontaneously all things that were good in profuse abundance."
       (2.) One of the markets whence the merchants of Tyre obtained
     richly embroidered stuffs (Ezek. 27:23); the same, probably, as
     that mentioned in 2 Kings 19:12, and Isa. 37:12, as the name of
     a region conquered by the Assyrians.
       (3.) Son of Joah, and one of the Levites who assisted in
     reforming the public worship of the sanctuary in the time of
     Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:12).

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