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 for Handle
From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) :

          1. [from CB slang] An electronic pseudonym; a nom de guerre intended
          to conceal the user's true identity. Network and BBS handles
          function as the same sort of simultaneous concealment and display
          one finds on Citizen's Band radio, from which the term was adopted.
          Use of grandiose handles is characteristic of warez d00dz,
          crackers, weenies, spods, and other lower forms of network
          life; true hackers travel on their own reputations rather than
          invented legendry. Compare nick, screen name.
          2. A magic cookie, often in the form of a numeric index into some
          array somewhere, through which you can manipulate an object like a
          file or window. The form file handle is especially common.
          3. [Mac] A pointer to a pointer to dynamically-allocated memory; the
          extra level of indirection allows on-the-fly memory compaction (to
          cut down on fragmentation) or aging out of unused resources, with
          minimal impact on the (possibly multiple) parts of the larger
          program containing references to the allocated memory. Compare
          snap (to snap a handle would defeat its purpose); see also
          aliasing bug, dangling pointer.

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