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1 definition found
 for aboriginal
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  86 Moby Thesaurus words for "aboriginal":
     abecedarian, aborigine, ancestral, antenatal, antepatriarchal,
     atavistic, autochthon, autochthonous, barbarian, barbaric,
     barbarous, basal, basic, beginning, budding, central, creative,
     crucial, elemental, elementary, embryonic, endemic, fetal,
     formative, foundational, fundamental, generative, genetic,
     germinal, gestatory, homebred, homegrown, humanoid, in embryo,
     in its infancy, in ovo, in the bud, inaugural, inceptive, inchoate,
     inchoative, incipient, incunabular, indigene, indigenous, infant,
     infantile, initial, initiative, initiatory, introductory,
     inventive, nascent, natal, native, native-born, original,
     parturient, patriarchal, postnatal, preadamite, preglacial,
     pregnant, prehistoric, prehuman, prenatal, primal, primary, prime,
     primeval, primitive, primogenial, primoprimitive, primordial,
     pristine, procreative, protogenic, protohistoric, protohuman,
     radical, rudimental, rudimentary, savage, seminal, ur,

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