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1 definition found
 for get
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  778 Moby Thesaurus words for "get":
     OD, absorb, accede to, accept, access, accumulate, acquire, addle,
     admit, advance, affect, age, aggravate, agree with, alight, amaze,
     anger, annex, annoy, answer, apparel, appreciate, apprehend,
     approach, arise, arouse, arrange, arrest, arrive, arrive at,
     ascend, ascertain, assemble, assimilate, associate with, assume,
     attend to, attire, avails, avoid, awaken, back, badger, baffle,
     bag, bait, bamboozle, be agreeable, be at, be brought down,
     be changed, be converted into, be felled, be informed, be into,
     be off, be paid, be responsible for, be seized of, be struck down,
     be successful, be traumatized, be up to, be with one, beat,
     beat it, become, become acquainted with, become aware of,
     become known, bedevil, beget, begone, beset, bewilder, blast,
     blot out, boggle, book, bother, bottom, bound, box office,
     break away, break free, break out, breed, breed true, bribe, bring,
     bring back, bring down, bring on, bring upon, bristle,
     broaden the mind, brood, brown off, buffalo, bug, bullyrag,
     bump off, burn up, buy, bypass, cajole, call for, call forth,
     canter, capital gains, capture, carp, catch, catch cold, catch on,
     catch up, cause, chalk up, chase after, children, chivy, circulate,
     circumvent, claim, clap hands on, clasp, claw, cleanup, clear,
     clear out, clear profit, clear up, clench, climb, climb down,
     climb up, clinch, clothe, clutch, coax, collapse, collar, collect,
     come, come back, come by, come down, come down with, come in,
     come in for, come into, come to, come to be, come to terms,
     commissions, communicate, communicate with, compass, complete,
     comprehend, conceive, concentrate on, conclude, confound, confuse,
     congregate, contact, contemplate, contract, contrive, convene,
     cope, copulate, corral, corrupt, crack, cram the mind, create,
     credit, credits, criticize, croak, cross, crossbreed, damage, daze,
     debug, decipher, deck out, decode, deject, delineate, depart,
     deplane, depress, derive, derive from, descend, descend from,
     describe, detail, determine, detrain, devil, devise, dig, digest,
     disappear, discompose, discourage, discover, discuss, disembark,
     disentangle, dishearten, dismount, dispirit, disposable income,
     distemper, disturb, dividend, dividends, divine, do, do in,
     do well, doff, dog, don, dope, dope out, drag down, drag out,
     drain off, draw, draw down, draw from, draw off, draw on, dress,
     dress in, dress up, earn, earned income, earnings, eat, effect,
     elicit, elude, embark, embrace, emplane, engage, engender, enjoy,
     enplane, enter, enter into possession, entrain, erase, erupt,
     escape, evade, evoke, exasperate, excite, exercise, explain,
     extract, fall, fall in with, fall into, family, fare, farrow, fash,
     father, fathom, fetch, fetch and carry, fever, figure out,
     filthy lucre, finance, find, find out, find out about,
     find the answer, find the solution, finish, fit, fit in, fit out,
     fit up, fix, flake off, flatter, flee, floor, flourish, focus on,
     folks, follow, force, fox-trot, fry, fuddle, fund, gad about, gain,
     gain knowledge, gains, gallop, gate, gate receipts, gather,
     generate, get, get about, get across, get ahead, get along,
     get an earful, get around, get at, get away, get back, get back at,
     get behind, get by, get down, get even with, get from, get going,
     get high on, get hold of, get in, get into, get lost, get off,
     get on, get on with, get out, get out of, get over, get right,
     get round, get the drift, get the idea, get the picture,
     get through, get to, get to be, get together, get up, get up on,
     gettings, git, give the business, glean, gleanings, glom on to, go,
     go aboard, go about, go after, go along, go and get, go around,
     go away, go back, go by, go down, go fetch, go for, go get, go in,
     go into, go into shock, go off, go out, go places, go to get, grab,
     grab hold of, grapple, grasp, grip, gripe, gross, gross income,
     gross profit, gross receipts, grow, guess, guess right, gun down,
     harass, harm, harry, harvest, hatch, have, have coming in,
     have in mind, have in view, have it, have it taped, hear, hear of,
     hear tell of, hearth, heckle, hector, hightail, hint at, hire, hit,
     hit it, hit the road, hoard, homefolks, hop, hop along, hotfoot,
     hound, house, household, hug, hunt down, hurt, hype, ice, impart,
     imply, impress, inbreed, include, income, incur, induce, influence,
     inherit, injure, insert, insinuate, inspire, instigate, intake,
     intend, interest, interpret, intimidate, invent, invite, irk,
     irritate, issue, journey, keep in suspense, ken, killing, know,
     land, lay hands on, lay hold of, lay out, lead, leak out, leap,
     learn, learn about, lease, leave, lick, like, listen to, litter,
     load the mind, locate, loot, lope, lucre, make, make clear,
     make do, make good, make love, make out, make tracks,
     make yourself scarce, makings, manage, manipulate, master, maze,
     mean, meet, menage, miff, molest, mother, motivate, mount, move,
     move away, muddle, multiply, mystify, nab, nag, nail, near,
     neat profit, needle, nest, net, net income, net profit,
     net receipts, nettle, nip, nip up, nonplus, note down, nudzh,
     obtain, off, offspring, open the lock, organize, outbreed, outfit,
     outflank, output, outsmart, outwit, overdose, overhear, palm,
     paper profits, partake, pass, peeve, pelf, penetrate, people,
     perceive, percentage, perk, perks, perplex, perquisite, persecute,
     persuade, perturb, pester, pick on, pick up, pick up information,
     pickings, pillage, pinch, pinpoint, pique, place, plague,
     pluck the beard, plug, plumb, pocket, polish off, possess, pother,
     prepare, prevail upon, proceed, proceeds, procreate, procure,
     produce, profit, profits, progress, proliferate, promote,
     propagate, prosper, provoke, pry out, psych, psych out, pull down,
     punch, purchase, pursue, push, put, put across, put on, put over,
     puzzle, puzzle out, rake-off, ravel, ravel out, reach, reacquire,
     read, realize, reap, receipt, receipts, receivables, receive,
     record, recoup, recover, rediscover, regain, remove, rent,
     repossess, reproduce in kind, resolve, retain, retire, retrieve,
     return, returns, revenue, riddle, ride, rig out, rile, roil,
     royalties, rub out, ruffle, run, run a temperature, run about,
     run after, run around, run down, run to earth, sack, sadden, savvy,
     score, scram, secure, see, seize, seize the meaning, sense, set,
     set off, set out, settle, shag, shed, shift, shoot, shove off,
     sicken, sidestep, sire, skirt, slip in, slug, smack, snap up,
     snatch, socialize, sock, solve, sort out, spat, spawn, spread,
     spring, sprint, squeeze in, stand up, start, steal, step,
     step down, step lively, stick, stimulate, stir, store, strike,
     study, stump, suborn, subvert, succeed, succeed to, suggest,
     superinduce, support, surmount, survive, swallow, sway, take,
     take by assault, take by storm, take care of, take hold of,
     take ill, take in, take off, take on, take over, take possession,
     take up, take-in, takings, taunt, tease, thrive, throw, torment,
     touch, trace, trace down, track down, travel, traverse, treat,
     trip, trot, try the patience, turn, turn into, turn out, turn up,
     tweak the nose, twig, undermine, understand, undo, unearned income,
     unlock, unravel, unriddle, unscramble, untangle, untwist, unweave,
     vamoose, vex, wake up, wangle, waste, wealth, welcome, wheedle,
     whip up, wiggle, win, win over, winnings, wipe out, work, work out,
     worry, wrest, wriggle, wring from, write down, yield, young, zap

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