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1 definition found
 for heavy
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  746 Moby Thesaurus words for "heavy":
     Herculean, Latinate, OK, Roscius, abeyant, abstruse, abundant,
     accented, ace-high, actor, actress, acute, adamantine, adhesive,
     aesthetic, aesthetically appealing, alveolar, ample, amylaceous,
     anesthetized, annoying, antagonist, anticipating, antihero,
     apathetic, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, arcane, arduous,
     arid, articulated, assimilated, attractive, awe-inspiring, awful,
     awkward, back, backbreaking, bad, bad guy, bang-up, baritone,
     barnstormer, barren, barytone, bass, beauteous, beautiful,
     benumbed, besetting, big, big with child, big-laden, bilabial, bit,
     bit part, blah, blank, blase, bleak, blimp, bloodless, blunt,
     blunt-witted, bombastic, bonzer, bored, boring, boss, bothersome,
     breeding, broad, broad-bodied, bulky, bullnecked, bully, burdened,
     burdensome, burdensomely, buskined, but good, cacuminal, carrying,
     carrying a fetus, cast, castellatus, cataleptic, catatonic,
     central, cerebral, character, character actor, character man,
     character woman, characterless, checked, cheerless, child actor,
     chubby, cirrose, cirrous, clabbered, clammy, close, close-knit,
     close-textured, close-woven, clotted, cloud-flecked, clouded,
     cloudy, clumsy, coagulated, coarse, cold, colorless, comatose,
     compact, compacted, complex, comprehensive, compressed,
     concentrated, concrete, condensed, congested, consequential,
     considerable, consolidated, consonant, consonantal, continuant,
     contralto, cool, copious, corking, corpulent, cothurned,
     crackerjack, crammed, crammed full, cramped, crass, crestfallen,
     critical, crowded, crucial, crushing, cue, cumbersome,
     cumbersomely, cumbrous, cumuliform, cumulous, curdled, dandy, dark,
     dead, debilitated, deep, deep-echoing, deep-pitched, deep-toned,
     deepmouthed, dejected, delicious, dense, dental, depressed,
     depressing, despondent, difficult, dim, dim-witted, dirty,
     disconsolate, diseur, diseuse, dismal, dissimilated, distressful,
     distressing, doped, dopey, dormant, dorsal, doughy, downcast,
     downhearted, dozy, draggy, dramatizer, dreamy, drearisome, dreary,
     droopy, drowsy, drugged, drugged with sleep, dry, dryasdust, ducky,
     dull, dull of mind, dull-headed, dull-pated, dull-witted, durable,
     dusty, earnest, effete, effortful, elegant, elephantine, empty,
     encumbered, endowed with beauty, enduring, enervated, esoteric,
     etiolated, exanimate, excessive, exhausting, exhaustive, expectant,
     expecting, exquisite, exuberant, eye-filling, fab, fade, fat,
     fat part, fat-witted, fatal, fateful, fatty, feeder, fine,
     fine and dandy, firm, flat, fleshy, flourishing, flowerlike, foil,
     forced, forceful, formal, formidable, foul, front, full,
     full-bodied, gaumy, gear, gelatinous, gestating, glairy, glide,
     gloomy, glossal, glottal, gluelike, gluey, glutenous, glutinose,
     glutinous, gone, gooey, graceful, gracile, grand, grave, gravid,
     great, grey, grieving, grievous, grinding, groggy, groovy, gross,
     gross-headed, grueling, grumous, guinde, gumbo, gumbolike, gumlike,
     gummous, gummy, guttural, half asleep, halting, handsome, hard,
     hard-earned, hard-fought, harsh, heavily, heavy with child,
     heavy with sleep, heavy-eyed, heavyhearted, heavyset, heavyweight,
     hebetudinous, hefty, hermetic, hero, heroine, high, hippo, histrio,
     histrion, ho-hum, hollow, hot, hunky-dory, impenetrable,
     impermeable, important, imposing, in a stupor, in abeyance,
     in suspense, inactive, inane, inanimate, incomprehensible, inert,
     inexcitable, ingenue, inkhorn, insipid, inspissated, insupportable,
     intense, intolerable, intonated, irksome, irresistible, jaded,
     jam-packed, jam-up, jammed, jejune, jelled, jellied, jellylike,
     jungled, jungly, just dandy, juvenile, keen, killing, knocked up,
     labial, labiodental, labiovelar, labored, laborious, lackadaisical,
     laden, laden with sorrow, languid, languorous, lasting, latent,
     lateral, lax, lead, lead role, leaden, leadenly, leading lady,
     leading man, leading woman, lenticularis, lethargic, lifeless,
     light, lines, lingual, liquid, listless, loaded, logy, long-faced,
     lovely, low, low-pitched, low-spirited, lowering, lumbering, lump,
     lumpish, lush, luxuriant, main, mammatus, marvy, massive, massy,
     matinee idol, maximum, mean, melancholy, mid, mighty, mime, mimer,
     mimic, miserable, monologist, monophthongal, monotonous, moribund,
     morose, mucilaginous, mummer, muted, napping, narcoleptic, narcose,
     narcotized, narcous, narrow, nasal, nasalized, neat, nebulous,
     nifty, nimbose, nobby, nodding, nonporous, nubilous, numb, obese,
     obtuse, occlusive, occult, okay, onerous, onerously, open, operose,
     oppressed, oppressive, oscitant, out of it, out of sight,
     overburdensome, overcast, overclouded, overflowing, overgrown,
     overloaded, overrun, overweight, oxytone, packed, painful, palatal,
     palatalized, pale, pallid, pantomime, pantomimist, part,
     parturient, passive, pasty, paunchy, peachy, peachy-keen,
     pedestrian, person, personage, pharyngeal, pharyngealized,
     phlegmatic, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, piece, pitch, pitched,
     plaguey, playactor, player, plenary, plodding, plump, pointless,
     poky, pompous, ponderous, ponderously, pooped, portentous, portly,
     posttonic, potbelly, powerful, preggers, pregnant, pretty,
     prodigious, profound, profuse, prosaic, protagonist, protean actor,
     pulchritudinous, punishing, rank, reciter, recondite, rich,
     riotous, ripping, role, roly-poly, ropy, rounded, rugged, rum, sad,
     sad of heart, sad-eyed, sad-faced, saddened, sadhearted, sated,
     scrumptious, secret, sedated, sedentary, semivowel, sepulchral,
     serious, serried, sesquipedalian, severe, side, slabby, slack,
     slap-up, sleep-drowned, sleep-drunk, sleep-filled, sleep-swollen,
     sleepful, sleeping, sleepy, slimy, slithery, slow, slow-witted,
     sluggish, slumbering, slumberous, slumbery, smashing, smoldering,
     snoozy, sober, soft, solemn, solid, something else, somnolent,
     sonant, soporific, sore, sorrowful, soubrette, sound, spiffing,
     spiffy, spiritless, squally, stable, stage performer, stage player,
     stagnant, stagnating, staid, standing, starchy, static, steady,
     sterile, sticky, stiff, stifling, stilted, stodgy, stooge, stopped,
     stormy, stout, straight man, straight part, strained, stratiform,
     stratous, strenuous, stressed, stretchy, stringy, stroller,
     strolling player, strong, stuffy, stultified, stultifying,
     stunning, stupid, stuporose, stuporous, sturdy, substantial,
     superfetate, superficial, superimpregnated, supine,
     supporting character, supporting role, surd, suspended, swagbelly,
     swell, syllabic, syrupy, tacky, tame, tasteless, tedious, teeming,
     tenacious, tense, theatrical, thespian, thick, thick-bodied,
     thick-brained, thick-growing, thick-headed, thick-pated,
     thick-witted, thickened, thickset, thickskulled, threatening,
     three-dimensional, throaty, thunderheaded, title role, toilsome,
     tonal, tonic, torpid, torrential, total, tough, tragic, tremelloid,
     tremellose, troublesome, trouper, trying, tub, tub of lard, tubby,
     tun, turgid, twangy, tyrannous, unaccented, unaroused, unbearable,
     unfathomable, ungraceful, unhandy, unhappy, uninteresting,
     unlively, unmanageable, unrounded, unstressed, unsupportable,
     unweeded, unwieldy, unyielding, uphill, upsetting, utility man,
     vapid, vegetable, vegetative, velar, vexatious, villain, violent,
     viscid, viscose, viscous, vocalic, vocoid, voiced, voiceless,
     vowel, vowellike, walk-on, walking part, wan, weak, wearing,
     wearisome, weary, wearying, weed-choked, weed-ridden, weedy,
     weighed upon, weighted down, weightily, weighty, well-built,
     well-constructed, well-founded, well-grounded, well-made, wide,
     with child, wizard, wooden, world-weary, yawning, yawny

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