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1 definition found
 for inclined
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  127 Moby Thesaurus words for "inclined":
     aching for, acquiescent, actuated, agreeable, alacritous, amenable,
     animated, apt, apt to, ardent, aslant, aslope, atilt, bearing,
     bending, bent, bent on, bevel, beveled, bias, biased,
     calculated to, canting, careening, compliant, conducive to,
     consenting, content, cooperative, crazy to, declivate, declivitous,
     desirous of, disposed, disposed to, dispositioned, docile,
     dying for, dying to, eager, enthusiastic, fain, fain of, favorable,
     favorably disposed, favorably inclined, fond of, forward, game,
     given, given to, impelled, in the mind, in the mood, inclinational,
     inclinatory, inclined to, inclined toward, inclining,
     inclining toward, inner-directed, itching for, keen, keen on,
     leading to, leaning, leaning toward, liable, liable to, likely,
     likely to, listing, mad on, minded, minded to, motivated, moved,
     oblique, other-directed, out of plumb, out of square, partial to,
     pitched, pliant, predisposed, predisposed to, prompt, prompted,
     prone, prone to, quick, raking, ready, ready and willing, ready to,
     receptive, recumbent, responsive, set on, shelving, shelvy,
     sideling, sidelong, slant, slanted, slanting, slantways, slantwise,
     sloped, sloping, spoiling for, stimulated, tending, tending to,
     tilted, tilting, tipped, tipping, tipsy, tractable, well-disposed,
     well-inclined, wild to, willed, willing, willinghearted, zealous

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