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1 definition found
 for nag
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  169 Moby Thesaurus words for "nag":
     Houyhnhnm, advocate, aggravate, annoy, annoyer, apply pressure,
     badger, badgerer, bait, balker, balky horse, be at, bedevil, beset,
     besiege, blandish, bother, bring to recollection, bristle,
     brood mare, brown off, bug, bully, bullyrag, burn up, buttonhole,
     cajole, call on, call upon, carp at, carry back, charger, chivy,
     coax, colt, courser, critter, crock, crowbait, devil, discompose,
     distemper, disturb, dobbin, dog, dun, egg, entire, entire horse,
     equine, exasperate, exercise, exert pressure, exhort, fash, filly,
     foal, fret at, fuss, fuss at, garron, gelding, get, give a hint,
     give the cue, goad, goat, gripe, hack, harass, harasser, harrier,
     harry, hassle, heckle, heckler, hector, henpeck, high-pressure,
     hold the promptbook, horse, hound, importune, insist, insist upon,
     irk, jade, jawbone, jog the memory, jughead, lobby, mare, miff,
     molest, mount, nag at, needle, nettle, nibble at, niggle, nudge,
     nudnik, nudzh, peck at, peeve, persecute, persecutor, pest, pester,
     pesterer, pick at, pick on, pique, plague, plaguer, plead with,
     pluck the beard, plug, ply, pother, prancer, press, pressure, prod,
     prompt, prompt the mind, provoke, push, put in mind,
     put in remembrance, recall, recommend, remember, remind,
     remind one of, ride, rile, roarer, rogue, roil, rosinante, ruffle,
     sadist, scalawag, soft-soap, stallion, steed, stiff, stud,
     studhorse, suggest, sweet-talk, tarpan, tease, teaser, top horse,
     torment, tormentor, try the patience, tweak the nose, urge, vex,
     war-horse, wheedle, whistler, wild horse, work on, worry, yap at

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