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1 definition found
 for nay
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  116 Moby Thesaurus words for "nay":
     Australian ballot, Hare system, No, abnegation, au contraire, aye,
     ballot, canvass, canvassing, casting vote, certainly not, con,
     contradiction, counting heads, cumulative voting, deciding vote,
     declension, declination, declinature, declining, denial,
     deprivation, disagreement, disallowance, disclaimer, disclamation,
     disobedience, dissent, division, enfranchisement, fagot vote,
     far from it, franchise, graveyard vote, hand vote, holding back,
     indeed, interest, list system, naysaying, negation, negative,
     negative answer, negative attitude, negativeness, negativism,
     negativity, nein, nit, nix, no, no such thing, non, nonacceptance,
     noncompliance, nonconsent, nonobservance, nontransferable vote,
     nope, not, not a bit, not a jot, not a whit, not really, not so,
     nyet, plebiscite, plebiscitum, plumper, plural vote, poll, polling,
     preferential voting, pro, proportional representation, proxy,
     quite the contrary, recantation, record vote, referendum, refusal,
     rejection, representation, repudiation, retention, right to vote,
     rising vote, say, secret ballot, show of hands, side, single vote,
     snap vote, straw vote, suffrage, the affirmative, the negative,
     thumbs-down, to the contrary, transferable vote, truly, turndown,
     unwillingness, verily, viva voce, voice, voice vote, vote, voting,
     voting right, withholding, write-in, write-in vote, yea,
     yeas and nays, yes

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