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 for open
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  750 Moby Thesaurus words for "open":
     Spartan, abandoned, aboveboard, absolute, accented, acceptable,
     accessible, activate, admissible, admissive, admissory, adumbrate,
     advertise, affirmed, afford, agape, agreeable, air, ajar, aloof,
     altruistic, alveolar, ambiguous, amenable, amiable, announce,
     announced, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, apparent,
     approachable, appropriate, arguable, articulated, artless, ascetic,
     assimilated, at issue, attainable, austere, authentic, available,
     back, bald, bare, barytone, be a gas, be a hit, begin, beholdable,
     beneficent, bighearted, bilabial, bill, billow, blatant, bluff,
     blunt, bomb, bona fide, born yesterday, bounteous, bountiful,
     branch, branch out, brazen, breach, break, break the seal,
     bring out, bring to light, broach, broad, broadcast, broken,
     brought to notice, brusque, cacuminal, campestral, campestrian,
     candid, central, cerebral, champaign, charitable, check, checked,
     childlike, chink, circulated, clear, cleared, cleave, close,
     come-at-able, commence, common, common knowledge, common property,
     commonplace, communicate, communicative, conditional, conditioned,
     confiding, consonant, consonantal, conspicuous, contingent,
     continuant, contribute, conversable, cordial, cover, crack,
     crevasse, current, cut, cut apart, cut open, debatable, declared,
     dehiscent, deltoid, demonstrative, dental, denuded, dependent,
     depending, deploy, deserted, detached, detectable, develop,
     diffused, dilate, direct, discernible, disclose, disclosed,
     disconnected, discontinuous, discover, discrete, dismask, dispart,
     disperse, display, disposed, disrupt, disseminated, dissimilated,
     distend, distributed, ditch, divaricate, divide, divulge, dorsal,
     downright, dramatize, draw the veil, dry, dubious, dubitable, dull,
     effusive, embark, employable, equivocal, establish, evident,
     exhibit, expand, expansive, explain, explicit, expose, exposed,
     exposed to view, extend, extended, extensive, extroverted, fail,
     fair, fair and square, fan, fan out, fan-shape, fan-shaped,
     fanlike, fanned, fanning, feature, findable, fissure, fit,
     flabelliform, flagrant, flare, flared, flaring, flat, flexible,
     flop, fly open, forsaken, forthright, foursquare, fracture, frank,
     frankhearted, free, free hand, free-acting, free-going,
     free-moving, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, freehanded,
     freehearted, friendly, front, full, furnish, furrow, gap, gaping,
     gapped, gash, generous, genial, genuine, get, get going,
     get under way, getatable, gettable, giving, glaring, glide,
     glossal, glottal, godforsaken, good-faith, gossipy, gracious,
     greathearted, groove, guileless, guttural, handsome, hanging out,
     hard, headline, heart-to-heart, hearty, heavy, high, hint, hole,
     homely, homespun, honest, hospitable, humanitarian, idle,
     illimitable, imbibitory, impart, impressionable, in circulation,
     in evidence, in full view, in plain sight, in print, in question,
     in suspense, in the balance, in view, inaugurate, incise, inclined,
     incoherent, inconsistent, indecisive, influenceable, ingenu,
     ingenuous, ingestive, initiate, innocent, insight, intonated,
     introduce, intromissive, intromittent, invitatory, inviting,
     kick off, labial, labiodental, labiovelar, large, largehearted,
     lateral, launch, lavish, lax, lay bare, lay open, lean, leisure,
     leisured, let daylight in, let out, liable, liberal, light,
     limitless, lingual, liquid, low, made public, magnanimous,
     make a hit, make known, make plain, malleable, manifest, mantle,
     matter-of-fact, melodramatize, mid, monophthongal, moot, mount,
     movable, munificent, muted, naive, naked, narrow, nasal, nasalized,
     natural, navigable, neat, neighborly, newsy, no strings,
     nonadherent, nonadhesive, noncoherent, noncohesive, nonimmune,
     noticeable, obnoxious, observable, obtainable, obvious, occlusive,
     offer, on the level, on the square, on the up-and-up, ope,
     open a show, open air, open and aboveboard, open as day, open fire,
     open to, open to all, open to view, open up, open-handed,
     open-minded, openhanded, openhearted, operative, out-of-doors,
     outcropping, outdoors, outgoing, outland, outside, outspoken,
     outspread, outstretch, outstretched, overgrow, overrun, overspread,
     overt, oxytone, palatal, palatalized, palpable, part, passable,
     patent, patulous, peeled, pendent, pending, penetrable,
     perceivable, perceptible, perfect, perforate, persuadable,
     persuasible, pervious, pharyngeal, pharyngealized, phonemic,
     phonetic, phonic, pierce, pitch, pitched, plain, plain-speaking,
     plain-spoken, plastic, pleasing, plenary, pliable, pliant,
     posttonic, practicable, predisposed, premiere, present, preview,
     princely, problematic, proclaimed, procurable, produce, profuse,
     prone, propagated, proper, prosaic, prosing, provide, public,
     publish, published, pull out, pure, put on, raise,
     raise the curtain, ramify, reachable, receivable, receptible,
     receptive, recipient, recognizable, release, rent, reported,
     responsive, retired, retroflex, reveal, revealed, rift, ringent,
     rip, rive, roomy, round, rounded, rupture, rustic, scenarize,
     securable, seeable, self-revealing, self-revelatory, semiretired,
     semivowel, sensitive, separate, set in motion, set the stage,
     set up, severe, shadow, show, show forth, show up, showing, simple,
     simple-speaking, simplehearted, simpleminded, sincere,
     single-hearted, single-minded, sit, slash, slit, slot, sober,
     sociable, soft, sonant, spacious, spare, splay, splayed, splaying,
     split, spraddle, spraddled, spraddling, sprangle, sprangled,
     sprangling, sprawl, sprawling, sprawly, spread,
     spread like wildfire, spread out, spreading, spring open, square,
     square-dealing, square-shooting, stage, star, stark, start, stated,
     stintless, stopped, straight, straight-out, straight-shooting,
     straightforward, stressed, stretch out, stretched-out, strip bare,
     stripped, strong, suasible, subject, succeed, suggest, suggestible,
     suitable, surd, susceptible, suspenseful, swayable, swell,
     swing open, syllabic, talkative, tap, tear, tear open, telecast,
     televised, tenantless, tense, tenuous, the open, the out-of-doors,
     theatricalize, thick, throaty, throw open, to be had, to be seen,
     tonal, tonic, transparent, trench, trustful, trusting, try out,
     twangy, unaccented, unadhesive, unadorned, unaffected, unbar,
     unbarred, unblock, unblocked, unbolt, unbolted, unbooked, unbound,
     unbounded, uncertain, unchecked, uncircumscribed, unclassified,
     uncloak, unclog, unclogged, unclosed, unclothe, unclouded,
     uncluttered, uncoherent, uncohesive, uncommitted, unconcealed,
     unconditional, unconditioned, unconfined, unconnected,
     unconstrained, uncork, uncounted, uncover, uncovered, undecided,
     undefended, undetermined, undisguised, undissembled, undissembling,
     undo, undrape, unencumbered, unequivocal, unestablished, unfasten,
     unfastened, unfilled, unfixed, unfold, unfolded, unfortified,
     unfurl, ungrudging, unguarded, unhampered, unhidden, unhindered,
     unimaginative, unimpeded, uninhabited, uninhibited, unjoined,
     unkennel, unlatch, unlimited, unlock, unlocked, unmanned, unmask,
     unmeasured, unobstructed, unoccupied, unpack, unpeopled,
     unpopulated, unprotected, unqualified, unrepressed, unreserved,
     unresolved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unreticent, unroll,
     unrounded, unscheduled, unscreen, unseal, unsealed, unsecretive,
     unselfish, unsettled, unsheathe, unsheltered, unshrinking,
     unshroud, unshut, unsigned, unsilent, unsophisticated, unsparing,
     unstaffed, unstinted, unstinting, unstop, unstopped, unstressed,
     unsuppressed, unsuspicious, untaken, untenacious, untenanted,
     untended, untie, untold, unvarnished, unveil, unwary, unwrap,
     up for grabs, up-and-up, usable, vacant, velar, veritable,
     viewable, visible, visual, vocalic, vocoid, voiced, voiceless,
     vowel, vowellike, warm, warmhearted, weak, welcoming, well-known,
     wide, wide open, wide-open, widely known, widen, widespread,
     willing, within reach, without, without strings, witnessable,
     yawning, yield

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