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1 definition found
 for perfect
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  327 Moby Thesaurus words for "perfect":
     KO, OK, absolute, accomplish, accomplished, accurate, achieve,
     adept, admitting no exception, adroit, all right, all-embracing,
     all-encompassing, all-out, all-pervading, ameliorate, aorist,
     appropriate, apt, arrant, authentic, beautify, best, better,
     beyond all praise, blameless, born, broad-based, button up,
     call off, cancel, cap, carry out, carry through,
     carry to completion, categorical, chaste, classical, clean,
     clean up, clear, climax, close out, close up, complete,
     comprehensive, conclude, conclusive, congenital, consummate,
     correct, crass, crown, culminate, cultivate, dead right, decided,
     decisive, deep-dyed, defectless, definite, definitive, deft,
     delete, determinate, develop, dispose of, do to perfection,
     downright, drop the curtain, durative, dyed-in-the-wool, effect,
     egregious, elaborate, embellish, emend, end, end off, entire,
     evolve, exact, exceed, excel, excellent, execute, exhaustive,
     experienced, expert, explicit, express, expunge, exquisite,
     extinguish, faultless, final, finalize, finish, finish off,
     finish up, finished, fit, fitting, fixed, flagrant, flat, flat-out,
     flawless, fold up, fulfilled, full, fully realized, future,
     future perfect, get done, get it over, get over with, get through,
     get through with, gifted, give the quietus, glaring, global,
     go one better, gross, historical present, holy, ideal, illimitable,
     immaculate, impeccable, imperfect, implicit, improve, improve on,
     inappealable, incomparable, indefectible, indefective,
     indisputable, infallible, inimitable, intact, integral, intensive,
     intolerable, irreproachable, just, just right, kayo, kibosh, kill,
     knock out, letter-perfect, lifelike, limitless, masterful,
     masterly, matchless, mature, mere, meticulous, model, mop up,
     needed, no strings, nonpareil, okay, omnibus, omnipresent, open,
     out-and-out, outright, outweigh, overbalance, overbear, overcome,
     overpass, overtop, past, past perfect, peerless, peremptory,
     perfected, pervasive, plain, plenary, plumb, pluperfect,
     point tense, polish, polish off, polished, positive, precious,
     precise, predominate, preponderate, present, present perfect,
     preterit, prevail, professional, proficient, profound,
     progressive tense, pronounced, proper, pure, put paid to,
     put right, radical, rank, realize, rectify, refine, regular,
     reliable, required, requisite, right, righteous, ripen, round,
     round out, scrag, season, set right, shattering, sheer, shocking,
     shoot down, simple, sinless, skilled, sleek, slick, smooth, sound,
     spotless, stainless, stark, stark-staring, straight, straight-out,
     straight-up-and-down, sublime, suitable, superb, superlative,
     supreme, surpass, surpassing, sweeping, taintless, talented, tense,
     terminate, the veriest, thorough, thoroughgoing,
     through-and-through, top, top off, top out, total, tower above,
     tower over, transcend, true, trump, ubiquitous, unadulterated,
     unalloyed, unbearable, unblemished, unbound, unbounded, unbroken,
     uncircumscribed, unconditional, unconditioned, unconfined,
     unconscionable, uncontaminated, undamaged, undeniable, undiluted,
     undoubting, unequivocal, unerring, unexcelled, unfaultable,
     unflawed, unhampered, unhesitating, unimpaired, uninjured,
     universal, unlimited, unmatched, unmeasured, unmistakable,
     unmitigated, unmixed, unqualified, unquestioning, unrelieved,
     unreserved, unrestricted, unspoiled, unspotted, untainted,
     unwaivable, utter, veritable, very, whole, wholesale, wide-open,
     wind up, wipe out, without exception, without reserve,
     without strings, wrap up, zap

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