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1 definition found
 for serve
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  319 Moby Thesaurus words for "serve":
     accommodate, accord, act, act as, act for, administer,
     administer to, advance, advantage, afford, allot, allow, answer,
     answer for, assist, attend, attend on, attend to, avail, award,
     ball, be OK, be correct, be equal to, be found wanting, be handy,
     be inferior, be instrumental, be intimate, be of use, be right,
     bear, bear arms, befit, befitting, behave, bend to, benefit,
     bestead, bestow, bestow on, bias, bid come, bowl, break no bones,
     call, call away, call back, call for, call forth, call in,
     call out, call together, call up, care for, carry arms, cast,
     catapult, cater to, change of pace, change-up, chore, chuck, chunk,
     cite, cohabit, come short, come together, commit adultery,
     communicate, complete, conduce, confer, conjure, conjure up,
     contribute, convene, convoke, copulate, couple, cover, curve,
     dance attendance upon, dart, dash, deal, deal out, demand, diddle,
     dish out, dish up, dispense, dispose, distribute, do,
     do active duty, do duty, do for, do good, do it, do no harm,
     do service to, do the job, do the trick, dole, dole out, donate,
     downcurve, drudge, endure, evoke, extend, facilitate, fail,
     fall short, fastball, favor, fight for, fill the bill, fire, fit,
     fling, flip, follow, fork, fork out, fornicate, forward,
     forward pass, frig, fulfill, function, function as, get by, gift,
     gift with, give, give freely, give good returns, give out, go,
     go around, go between, go through, grant, gratify, hack it,
     hand out, have a tendency, have nothing on, have sex,
     have sexual relations, head, heap, heave, help, help to, hold,
     hurl, hurtle, impart, incline, incurve, indent, invoke, issue,
     jerk, just do, knuckleball, lackey, lance, last, lateral,
     lateral pass, launch, lavish, lay, lead, lean, let fly, let have,
     lie with, lob, look after, look to, maid, make, make available,
     make it with, make love, make out, make the grade, mate, mediate,
     meet, meet requirements, mete, mete out, minister to, mount, move,
     muster, muster up, not approach, not come amiss, not come near,
     not compare, not fail, not hack it, not make it, not measure up,
     oblige, offer, officiate, operate, order up, outcurve, page,
     pander to, pass, pass muster, pay, pay off, peg, pelt, perform as,
     pitch, pitchfork, play, play second fiddle, point, point to, pour,
     practice, preconize, present, proceed, proffer, profit, promote,
     provide, put, put the shot, qualify, rain, rank under, reach,
     recall, redound to, relate, render, requisition, satisfy, screw,
     screwball, send after, send for, serve the purpose, service, set,
     set out, set toward, shell out, shot-put, shoulder a gun,
     shoulder arms, show a tendency, shower, shy, sinker, sleep with,
     slider, sling, slip, snap, snow, soldier, spend, spitball, spitter,
     stand, stand up, stretch, subpoena, subserve, suffice, suit,
     suit the occasion, summon, summon forth, summon up, summons,
     supply, survive, take care of, take it, tend, tender, throw, tilt,
     toss, trend, turn, upcurve, upon, use, valet, verge, vouchsafe,
     wait, wait on, want, warp, wear the uniform, work, work for,
     work toward, yield, yield a profit

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