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 for true
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  298 Moby Thesaurus words for "true":
     Christian, absolute, acceptable, accepted, accommodate, accord,
     accurate, accurately, active, actual, adapt, adjust, adjust to,
     apodictic, applicable, appropriate, approved, ardent, arrowlike,
     ascertained, assimilate, attested, attune, authentic,
     authenticated, authoritative, be realized, befitting, bona fide,
     bound, candidly, canonical, careful, categorically true, certain,
     certified, clear, clear and distinct, clear as day, come to pass,
     come true, committed, compliant, conclusive, confirmed, conforming,
     conscientious, consistent, constant, conventional, coordinate,
     correct, correctly, corroborated, creditable, customary, cut to,
     de facto, dead straight, decisive, dedicated, definite,
     demonstrated, dependable, desired, determinate, determined,
     devoted, devout, direct, documentary, duteous, dutiful, effectual,
     equalize, established, estimable, evangelical, even, exact,
     exactly, expressive, factual, faithful, faithworthy, fast, finicky,
     firm, fit, fitting, fix, fixed, flat, flinty, for real, frankly,
     fussy, gear to, genuine, happen, harmonize, high-principled,
     historical, homologate, homologize, honest, honest-to-God,
     honestly, honorable, horizontal, immovable, in a line,
     incorruptible, indicative, indubitable, ineluctable, inevitable,
     inflexible, inviolable, just, key to, kosher, lawful, legal,
     legitimate, level, liege, linear, literal, loyal, make plumb,
     make uniform, marble-constant, mathematical, meaningful, measure,
     meticulous, mindful, natural, necessary, normal, not in error,
     objectively true, observant, occur, of the faith, orthodox,
     orthodoxical, overnice, perfectly sure, place, positive,
     practicing, precise, predestined, predetermined, proper,
     proportion, proved, proven, punctilious, punctual, put in tune,
     real, realistic, received, reconcile, rectify, rectilineal,
     rectilinear, regardful, regular, regulate, reliable, resolute,
     responsible, right, right-minded, rightful, ruler-straight,
     scriptural, scrupulous, set, set right, settled, significant,
     similarize, sincere, sincerely, smooth, sot, sound, stable,
     standard, staunch, steadfast, steady, steely, straight,
     straight-cut, straight-front, straight-side, straightforwardly,
     streamlined, strict, substantial, substantiated, suggestive,
     suitable, sure, sure-enough, sync, synchronize, tailor, take,
     tested, textual, to be trusted, traditional, traditionalistic,
     tried, tried and true, trim to, true as gospel, true up, true-blue,
     true-meaning, true-speaking, true-tongued, truehearted, truly,
     trustable, trustworthy, trusty, truth-bearing, truth-declaring,
     truth-desiring, truth-filled, truth-guarding, truth-loving,
     truth-passing, truth-speaking, truth-telling, truthful, truthfully,
     tune, typical, unadulterated, unambiguous, unbending, unbent,
     unbowed, unbroken, unconfuted, uncurved, undeflectable,
     undeflected, undeniable, undenied, undesigning, undeviating,
     undissembled, undistorted, undoubted, unequivocal, unerring,
     unerroneous, unfailing, unfallacious, unfalse, unfeigned,
     unflappable, uninterrupted, univocal, unmistakable, unmistaken,
     unperfidious, unquestionable, unrefuted, unshaken, unswerving,
     untreacherous, unturned, unvarnished, unwavering, unyielding,
     upright, valid, validated, veracious, veridical, verifiable,
     verified, veritable, vertical, very, whole-hearted, worthy

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