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o The DICT Protocol

The DICT Protocol, described in RFC 2229 is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol that allows a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. While RFC 2229 is a finished document, we plan to clarify and enhance the protocol definition as we gain more experience with large dictionary database servers. By default, the DICT protocol uses TCP port 2628.

o Client/Server Software for DICT

We write freely available software that implements the DICT protocol in a number of client and server configurations. For more information on software availability, please see the resources page or our February 1998 announcement.

o DICF: The Dictionary InterChange Format

We are developing an interchange format that will facilitate writing, sharing, and serving of dictionary database information. For more information, please see the dict-beta mailing list on the resources page. DICF is the next major project after the initial public release of the client/server software. DICF and tools for manipulating DICF files should be available 4Q1998.

Update: We didn't make that deadline, but we're still working on DICF design and associated tools. Perhaps they'll be out by 1Q1999 or 2Q1999. Discussion and beta versions will appear on the dict-beta list first, so if you're interested join that mailing list.

o FILE: The Free Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia

While we are currently using several freely available dictionary databases, with over 300,000 total headwords, we find that users still search for a considerable number of undefined words. We are slowly compiling lists of these words and writing definitions for them, and we encourage your assistance. The collected definitions will be used for a new database called FILE: The Free Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia. The definitions will be freely available for other database maintainers to use (we do not exercise any editorial control over pre-existing databases).

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