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 +====== Mailing Lists ======
 +The following mailing lists are publicly available:
 +    * **dict-announce**: a low-volume mailing list for major DICT-related announcements.
 +    * **dict-beta**: a high-volume discussion list for operators and implementers of DICT client/server software. 
 +If you run a DICT server, please join (at minimum) the **dict-announce** mailing list so that you can track new releases, bug fixes, and new databases.
 +To join **dict-announce**, send email to dict-announce-subscribe at dict dot org.
 +To join **dict-beta**, send email to dict-beta-subscribe at dict dot org.
 +To unsubscribe from **dict-announce**, send email to dict-announce-unsubscribe at dict dot org.
 +To unsubscribe from **dict-beta**, send email to dict-beta-unsubscribe at dict dot org. 
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