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 +====== DICT Protocol Servers ======
 +A dynamically updatable [[http://luetzschena-stahmeln.de/dictd/index.php|list]] of DICT protocol servers is available.
 +The following servers may be used when implementing a DICT protocol client (e.g., for default servers):
 +    * dict.org, dict.us.dict.org, dict0.us.dict.org (primary server)
 +    * dict1.us.dict.org (backup server)
 +    * alt0.dict.org (secondary backup server, of last resort)
 +    * all.dict.org (DNS round-robin of dict?.us.dict.org)
 +For testing, but **never hardcoded** into a DICT client
 +    * test.dict.org
 +Also, do not hardcode names used for other services into dict clients -- they may not have DICT servers listening:
 +    * www.dict.org has a web server listening
 +    * ftp.dict.org has an ftp server listening
 +    * ftp.at0.dict.org has an ftp server listening
 +    * rsync.dict.org has an rsync server listening
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